Comsave's sponsoring the Baltic Sea Challenge

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2018

What’s the Baltic Sea Challenge?

You probably haven’t heard about it, but at Comsave we’ve been in the front seat following the preparations since a few months. During 18 days the participants of the Baltic Sea Challenge are going to drive 8500 kilometers through 11 countries. Okay, challenging, you think? Well, think again. Because they're not doing this in their company car of course. Over the previous couple of months, the teams were required to convert a car of at least 20 years old for the Challenge. On top of that, the teams are prohibited from using any GPS technology (so only paper maps!) and aren't allowed to drive on the highway. Would you be up for it?

Our partner account manager Roelof de Vries is! Together with three of his friends he's taking on this challenge. They have totally renovated a 24 year old Chevrolet Van from 1994 and at Comsave we were so enthousiastic about the plan we decided to become the main sponsor. Not only for fun, but mostly because the Challenge supports charity. Every member chose a personal charity, which often had to do with their personal situation. Comsave and Roelof's team are supporting: the Child Cancer Fund, Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer) Fund, CliniClowns, the ALS-liga and the National Foundation for The Elderly.

1. The Child Cancer Fund supports kids who have cancer and their parents, psychological as financial.

2. Pink Ribbon; finances projects and researches on treatment, recovery and long term effects of breast cancer.

3. Cliniclowns; clowns visit more than 101 hospitals and other care centers to perform for seriously ill children, disabled children and people who have Alzheimer to give them a fun and relaxing time not focussing on their illness.

4. ALS-liga; ALS means Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis which is a deadly disease on the nerves and muscles. They dispose of numerous tools like (all kinds of) wheelchairs, all kinds of communication devices, environment operating systems and more. People with ALS who are member of the organization can make use of this. The ALS-liga gained a lot of attention two years ago when the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral.

5. The National Fund for The Elderly promotes more social contacts for the elderly against solitude and loneliness including day trips for older people. In this way those people can have a nice day off together with other people and/or volunteers will come to visit them more than just once a month.

How can you contribute?! 

The Baltic Sea Cruisers, as the team is called, also sell bottles of wine for just 7 euros per piece. Want to buy one? Send an email to Would you like to know more about their route and would you like to follow their adventures? Check their website here and follow their Facebook-profile from the 7th of June. They will post about their adventures in Dutch, however, the videos and photos will speak for itself. 

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