VoIP blog 7: Different platforms; 3CX

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Installing 3CX

Installing the 3CX softphone on your devices works the same as installing any other application. The installation is very easy and you can install 3CX for Android and for iOS as well on Windows as on Mac.


As you can install this softphone on different devices, you can use 3CX where and whenever you want on every device. In this way work will become more productive and mobile for employees.


How does 3CX work?

When your subscription starts you can make profiles. Everybody will be able to set his/her own softphone to personal needs. Did everybody install the app and adjusted it to his / her own style? Enjoy using it!


On your way to an appointment, but receiving a phone call from work? That’s no problem, when you leave work you can adjust the settings: 3CX will transfer the call to your mobile phone. No extra costs will occur because all business calls that are transferred to your own mobile phone will take place over the VoIP network of your company.


Forwarding a phone call to one of your colleagues? On the wallboard of 3CX you can exactly see who of your colleagues are already in another phone call and also how many customers are already waiting. Besides you can also see how long customers are waiting.


3CX offers you a good overview of your contact history. Besides there is also the ability to see activity logs and your usage.


What are the costs of using 3CX?

3CX handles a rule telling you that per 3-4 extensions you can have one conversation at the time. In theory that should be enough. When a company has 70 extensions it can have 23 conversations at the same time.

The costs of the subscription will be decided depending on the size of your company / the amount of extensions. There are different editions possible, but what are the differences? Here is an overview about the possibilities per edition.


Would you like a consultation about how Comsave can provide a suitable VoIP solution for your company? Call us at +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to sales@comsave.com and we will contact you.


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