Our impressions after ITW

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2018

Matthijs, Director:

"It was great to have a Comsave booth at ITW this year. We got a lot of energy and inspiration out of this event. ITW is still the event to attend and to figuratively and literally expand your international network. The collaboration within the Comsave team was great, we had good vibes only. We loved the hamburgers in Chicago and we'll definitely attend next year's ITW too, in Atlanta."


Jeroen, Manager Sales & Business Development:

"You just notice that ITW is thé global event of the year within the telecoms industry. It's great to see how global operating business are able to find each other easily and efficient during the event. We had a lot of conversations, with new partners and with international suppliers in order for us to expand our global network even further. Yes, ITW is a yearly recurring event for us, for sure. We'll be here next year again."


Anna, Manager Operations & Finance:

"To be at ITW as Comsave, with our own booth, was very exciting and required thorough preparation. In the end, everything exactly happened the way we had it in mind, except for the abscence of a lot of colleagues in Operations. Luckily, that was more than made up by the many interesting conversations I had with people from all over the world who you just normally wouldn't be able to speak to. I look back on ITW very satisfied with the outcome."

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