Comsave launches new order environment and Belgian availability at the same time

Posted on 14 Dec 2017

We already announced it a couple of times and we have been looking forward to this moment but now it’s actually happening: Comsave extends its international availability in our postal code checker to Belgium and at the same time launches its completely renewed offer street.

When testing the new order street, you will notice the order checker works a little different in Belgium than in the Netherlands: first, type in the postal code. Then you will be able to choose the correct municipality or city after which the street and house number can be chosen, which we made easily findable by auto fill-in.

We immediately added all the major carriers in Belgium, which makes our checker as complete as our Dutch one and also the most complete checker for the Belgian business internet market as of now!

Do you have Dutch customers with Belgian locations? Then now is the time to contact these customers and offer them a better deal via Comsave! If you would still have questions on Belgian availability, contact our sales via or call 0031 88 999 5555. We are also available on the Belgian number 0032 10 39 16 20!

When checking out our internet offers, you will also notice a lot changed. We have worked hard the previous months to design our postcode checker more efficient and more user friendly and we think we have achieved this with this offer checker 2.0. If you would happen to find something’s not 100% right, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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