VoIP blog 3: The benefits of VoIP

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Benefits of VoIP

Previously in our VoIP series, we introduced you to VoIP and we had a look at the differences between VoIP and Skype. In this third episode we will tell you about the benefits of VoIP and all the functions it has.


Let’s start with the benefits of VoIP. Using VoIP makes it so that we no longer need a landline, for which it will be just a matter of time before it disappears anyway. For example in 2019 the biggest Dutch KPN provider is planning to stop ISDN1 and ISDN2. They offer VoIP as being future’s saving alternative and so that’s a big benefit: you’re saving money, want to know how?


Using VoIP telephony gives us the possibility of high quality calling over the internet connection. When you have a growing company, you’ll also notice call center costs growing exponentially. With VoIP, more expensive licenses and higher costs are things from the past.


Working from home? No worries, VoIP can redirect your office calls to your mobile phone. The best thing about this is this won’t cost you a cent, since the transferred call happens over the company’s network. Therefore the well-organized integration of fixed telephony and mobile telephony is a very big plus.


VoIP’s data usage

‘Yes, sure, send all my calls over the internet, my internet costs will go up by ten times!” is a response we’ve heard before. It’s a very common and tenacious myth which is simply not true.

Did you know an average phone call just takes 100Kb/s? That’s just one tenth of the internet usage watching a 720p YouTube video takes! On top of that VoIP-data often gets a reserved piece of the internet bandwidth so neither your calls nor your desktop internet usage will interfere with each other.


Functions of VoIP

Think you’ve heard enough? Think again. Let’s go over all of the possibilities VoIP has to offer.


There’s for example the options menu. By using an options menu, an incalling customer will be directed to the right person easily. This saves both the caller and your personnel a lot of time. If the designated person is already in a conversation, the callers will automatically go into a queue, hear waiting music and even can get an estimate of how many callers are still in queue. There’s also the possibility of having your customers hear pre recorded messages while waiting. For example, while calling with the finance department you could mention ‘Please have your invoice number ready’ and the same goes for a ticket number for a service desk.


As previously mentioned, using your smartphone as a VoIP softphone is easy too, just install the app of the VoIP-service you’re using. Working from home is no problem either, nor is conference calling. Every user of the VoIP-platform can leave his or her own voicemail announcement message for when the company is closed or when you are on holiday. For companies supporting customers day hours vs night hours, VoIP also offers a day-night mode and of course an answering machine when your company is unavailable.


Your VoIP-platform will also give you all the functions you’re used to have from regular communication platforms, such as address books, help you finding contacts and sharing contacts too. Lastly, all your conversations will be saved automatically for seven days unless otherwise set-up. This will help your service desk a lot in case of conflict or personnel training.


Would you like a consultation about how Comsave can provide a suitable VoIP solution for your company? Call us at +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to sales@comsave.com and we will contact you.


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