VoIP blog 2: VoIP, better than Skype?

Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What’s Skype?


The most well known VoIP platform and almost everybody has ever used it, but what exactly is Skype? It’s actually a software application that you can instal on different devices like your computer or your smartphone for example. It’s easy to use for making video- or audio conversations with your colleagues, family or friends. For private using it’s convenient, but is it also for your company? If you don’t pay for skype you will continue to see advertisement. There is also a premium version of Skype which you do have to pay for and this will give you a few more options like the ability to make conference calls or to take an extra phone number which is your Skype phone number.


How does it work?


As we said before that skype is an application that you can instal on different devices we will explain you here a bit more about how to do that. With Android smartphones you can download Skype in the Google play store and with Iphone you can download it in the App store. For all different computer browsers you can go to www.skype.com to download the application.


When you are going to use Skype it’s important to know that you can only call people who also have Skype installed on (one of) their devices and both parties should be online which of course is not very common. Are you ever online on a platform 24/7?


The restrictions of Skype.


Many of us use Skype to make calls to family or friends who live abroad for example. For private usage we don’t have a lot of complaints, but when it comes to business telephony it’s very limited in the options it offers.


Both of the parties have to be logged in and if you want to call someone without Skype you need to buy the premium variant of Skype. When you have the premium variant you will have to add your own credit to your Skype account. After every conversation credit will be taken of from your account. In addition, your credit will expire when you haven’t used your account for a period of six months.


Skype for Business / Microsoft Teams / Microsoft Lync


Skype for Business -formerly known as Microsoft Lync and since this year changed to Microsoft Teams- tries to fulfill the needs of companies. It just has some important limitations: You’ll only be able to use Skype for Business if you also have the paid Microsoft Office 365 package. Microsoft however, has implemented some changes to make it easier to work on documents together with the person(s) you’re in a call with, in Office 365 environment.


Can it also be different?


Yes, Skype has many limitations and therefore it’s not convenient for companies as they have high expectations if it’s about business telephony, but luckily there is VoIP. With VoIP companies can make phone calls anytime, anywhere and to anybody, even when the other person is not in possession of VoIP.


Still not convinced? VoIP has a lot of abilities and you can set them as you wish. We have a numerous of the options that VoIP offers. Think about an options menu, ‘on hold’ music, voicemail and a day and night mode which you can put during and after office hours, holidays and weekends. There is also the possibility to set personal voicemail announcement messages for every user, to forward calls to your mobile phone and all calls will be automatically recorded for seven days. Curious about all the benefits of business VoIP calling? Wait for our next blog!


In the following episodes of our VoIP series we will tell you about these topics:

-> How does VoIP exactly look like?

-> If I want to use VoIP, how does the installation work?

-> How much do I have to pay if I want to use VoIP?

-> How can I request VoIP or a demonstration account to test it?


Concluding we learned that Skype is a VoIP-service with limited usability and therefore it’s not convenient for companies with a certain professionalism.


Would you like a consultation about how Comsave can provide a suitable VoIP solution for your company? Call us at +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to sales@comsave.com and we will contact you.


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