VoIP blog 4: VoIP in the work environment

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

VoIP is becoming more ubiquitous in the world of business telephony. As described in some of our previous VoIP blogs: VoIP is calling over the internet, using the Voice Over Internet Protocol. What’s not connected to the internet, nowadays? Not a lot of things, not even your coffee machine maybe. That’s why VoIP is the telephony solution of the future. When using VoIP, there are multiple options on how to integrate it in the work environment. You’re not limited to your deskphone but you can make calls using your personal computer, tablet or smartphone. All devices can be connected to the VoIP platform.



Thanks to the possibility of integrating VoIP on every internet-connected device able to have a call with, VoIP can be used in a very flexible and versatile way. The VoIP-software will also provide you a handy overview and insight of all your activities and usage. Let’s take the below dashboard as an example. You can see the call statistics , the status of the IP server, and so on. It’s also possible getting an overview of all the available phones so you know who you can transfer a call to. Through this dashboard you also have access to an agenda where you can add planned activities and keep track of your schedule.

VoIP telefonie platform


Besides that you’ll also have a wallboard that shows all the telephone data. While you’re calling, you’ll be able to see how many callers are in the waiting queue, how long they’ve been waiting, how long you have been calling, how many colleagues are on a call at the very same moment, and so on. These insights will help you and your colleagues to keep an eye out on how efficient work has been organized.

3CX VoIP Telefonie


Conference calls are possible too. Want to add video to your call? No problem. You’ll need a webcam on or attached to your pc of course. Don’t have a webcam? Just join the conference call with your tablet or smartphone. During the call you can see all the participants and add new participants if necessary. That’s of course very convenient for business meetings when it’s not possible for everybody to meet in one place which happens more often nowadays than ever.

VoIP bellen groep call video gesprek


One platform to register all devices

A new colleague, a new desk and a new phone? Online platforms make it very easy for you to register and add new devices very easily without any help from outside. Log in on your online Server Manager and choose the menu that you want to manage. There are numerous of settings that you can adjust for every new person, the ability to see activity logs, to see telephone queues, to set a digital receptionist etc.

VoIPserver telefoon registratie


Chatting and calling with colleagues

All of your contacts and relations can be found in the address book, and you’ll also see who’s online right away. Do you want to make sure if someone is attainable? Click the person you want to reach and send a message or call them directly. When it’s about usability it’s quite easy, comparable to Whatsapp, but more professional, stable and over the business internet.

VoIP bellen en chatten


Concluding we can tell that VoIP is the future’s business telephony. It’s possible to change every setting of the VoIP-platform to the needs of your company. Every phone is registered, so is every employee. This ensures maximum efficiency and makes it possible for employees to work very easily: chatting, calling, video-meetings, it’s never been easier.


You as employer has the ability to monitor how many devices are used, how many data is used, how efficient phone calls are at any moment and in case it’s necessary you can replay the conversations easily.


Calling over VoIP is the way to simplify the telephony at the work environment, to save money and to optimize the workflow.


Would you like a consultation about how Comsave can provide a suitable VoIP solution for your company? Call us at +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to sales@comsave.com and we will contact you.


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