VoIP blog 1: What's VoIP?

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What does VoIP mean? It’s actually an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. Still not sure what to make of this? Easier said it’s a technique of sending packages over an internet connection.


Nowadays VoIP is a very common technique for business telephony. Few people know that VoIP is nothing new, back in 1973 communicating voice packages was already possible over the first ever computer network.


Thanks to VoIP you don’t need an analog PSTN cable anymore. Also, from next year on ISDN 1 and ISDN 2 will be phased out. VoIP will become the only relevant technique for business telephony.


“Hello? Someone there?”

Fun fact: because VoIP telephony is basically sending communication packages over a network, there wasn’t any background noise audible when calling someone, like you’re used to when calling with a mobile phone or landline. This way, a lot of people got confused and thought the connection was cut off. This was fixed later.


Amongst regular people like you and me, Skype is probably the most well known VoIP platform there is. It was already established back in 2003. From that moment on, many platforms saw the light and many of them outperform Skype when it comes to providing telephony equipped for business use.


When choosing VoIP in the workplace, you will be presented with a number of options. For example you could choose to install a VoIP application on your mobile phone, making your actual ‘hardphone’ a ‘softphone’.


Installing this application gives you the ability to make phone calls all over the world. The softphone operates as being a phone, but just not a real physical phone like the one on your desk. The benefit of the hardphone on your desk is that you can call and be called, also when your computer is shut down or in sleeping mode. When calling, there’s no noticable difference between a softphone and a hardphone. Later we will show you what the benefits of VoIP are.


We will answer some frequently asked questions like “Why do I have to use VoIP instead of using Skype which is free?” We will also try to clarify subjects such as installation of VoIP, the differences between VoIP platforms and also we will tell you about the possible costs of a VoIP subscription.


Would you like a consultation about how Comsave can provide a suitable VoIP solution for your company? Call us at +31(0)88 999 5555 or send an email to sales@comsave.com and we will contact you.


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