Highest HD quality with IPTV Premium

IPTV, short for Internet Protocol TeleVision, means watching TV live via the internet. With an internet connection by Comsave you watch TV seamlessly like you would via cable. IPTV has the highest image- and sound quality and for that reason it cannot be compared to ordinary internetstreaming.

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  • Highest HD image- and sound quality
  • Simply watch IPTV over your current internet connection
  • All the TV channels you’re used to
  • Interactive TV: recording, pause & play, etc.
  • Fixed monthly fee: no need for extra packages

Large selection of channels

Don't miss any of the programs you're used to. Click here for the complete channel overview.

speed guarantee

High image and sound quality

IPTV offers you all services you’re used to from watching TV via cable but IPTV comes with the highest available sound- and image quality.


Quick set-up time

Switching to IPTV can be arranged fast and easy when you’re already a Comsave internet customer. The time to switch will be significantly diminished depending on your location and the number of devices. For more advice, reach out to us via sales@comsave.com or +31 (0)88 999 5555

price lock

Fixed price, no need for extra packages

The monthly fee for IPTV is different for every location and for every internet connection you already have with Comsave. Your monthly amount will always be fixed.

Is your organization located in a business center?

Comsave developed the ultimate offer for companies located in a business complex. 

Business Centers
customized connections

Customized connections

Every organisation has a different way of using the internet, depending on the usage and the number of employees. A company that merely sends emails and surfs on the internet requires a business internet connection that differs from that required by a multinational. Internet over business glass fibre is deliverable in many different speeds. At Comsave we supply all speeds available, being able to always offer you a suitable connection.

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