Comsave invites partners to its 2017 Partner Experience

Posted on 02 Nov 2017

On the 22nd of November, Comsave is organizing its very own Partner Experience once again. After last year’s event, which was held in Rotterdam – if you were there, you’ll probably still remember the high speed RIB-racing over the Maes river – this year’s event will be in Amsterdam. The IJ-Promenade in Amsterdam to be exact, where we’ll start off with a presentation from our very own director, Matthijs van Seventer, who will give an in-depth update on what Comsave has been doing, what we are working on right now and what will be the focus for the (near) future. After this presentation, we’ve invited RTL Tech Expert Merijn Doggen, who will tell us more about today’s exciting features in the tech industry, connectivity and the This Is Holland project (which is a Comsave customer by the way). After this, we’ll visit This Is Holland and experience first-hand what it means to actually virtually fly over the Netherlands. An attraction like this is only available at four locations in the world, it’s so unique that you’ll have to experience it to believe it! For more questions about our partner event, contact us at

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