Internet for government agencies

Telecommunication and the internet are already integrated in the daily workload of government employees. Most administrative work and registrations are processed online. This makes the business internet and telephony in government agencies a vital aspect of the working environment. Comsave delivers the best combination of both!

Comsave can supply your government agency with both internet, telephony and additional services! The fast and business internet and telecommunication will not provide just 1 branch with the best connections, but this can be applied to multiple branches, enabling you to be online and reachable always! Which network provides the best and most economical connection for you, at the highest speed for your company? Check your location now!


  • Fast internet possible on any location
  • Working from the cloud possible
  • Customized networks suited for government agencies
  • Business telephony set up in the blink of an eye

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Networks we support
salesforce eurofiber colt tele2 kpn ziggo zakelijk verizon business ubiquiti cisco caiway mikrotik ziggo edpnet crossnetworks telenet